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Join Troop  7!

We are very proud of Troop 7 and extend a welcome for you to become a part of our success.

Membership is open to boys 11-18 years of age.  Our Scouts are from diverse religious backgrounds and everyone holding a belief in God is invited.  Rockwell - On my Honor

Troop 7 provides a safe, invigorating environment for your boy to learn and grow in mind, body and spirit.  

Get started in Boy Scouts by contacting Scoutmaster Tom Lorkowski by email Scoutmaster
to setup  a meeting.  The Scoutmaster will meet in a public place with your boy to discuss his desire to join Scouting and what Troop 7 has to offer.  He will also answer any questions  parents may have concerning Scouting and Troop 7.

Additional information about Troop 7 and Boy Scouts of America

Cub Scouts often crossover from their packs to Join Troop 7.   We welcome all Cub Scouts!

Any boy can be a Boy Scout; you need not ever be a Cub Scout to join.
We have had boys of all ages (11 -18) join the troop as their first Scouting experience; several have earned Eagle rank.  Troop 7 takes pride in providing a boy-led program.  The  Patrol Leader method ensures that the boys develop and run their own program.  Your child will quickly become part of the troop through meeting and activity participation.

Not only Scouts join; parent participation is a key  factor for your child's success in Boy Scouts.   We have found that Scouts are more likely to remain and succeed in Scouting when their parents are active in the Troop. Adult leadership opportunities include Merit Badge Counselors, Committee Members, chairs, Fundraiser leaders and Assistant Scoutmasters among other options.  Assistant Scoutmasters help Scouts with Scouting skills verifying that they have learned skills from the instructors and other Scouts, and acting as adult oversight for the Scouts in meetings and on campouts. Committee Members help run the business of the troop including organizing budgets, fundraisers, interactions with our Chartered Organization, making decisions about funding for equipment, and holding rank advancement Boards of Review for the boys. Committee Members can participate with Scouts in meetings and go on campouts as well.  The adults work in the background in support of the boy-led Patrol Leader program.  Adult membership is a fun  and rewarding way for you to grow and share the Scouting experience with your son.

We do our best to keep fees in check and present a quality program.  
Here are the various  fees associated with participation.
  • Boy Scout Registration annual fee ($50 for 2018)
  • Adult Registration annual fee ($35 for 2015)
  • Troop 7 Annual Program fee ($15 for 2018). Maximum $30 per family
  • Campout meal fee - $15 per monthly weekend campout, $20 for 3-night weekend
  • Event activity fee - most monthly activities are covered without additional fee.  Some, such as Summer Camp or shooting sports require Event Activity fees
  • Uniform  (Shirt, belt, neckerchief slide)
  • Basic camping gear (sleeping bag, plate, cup, fork/spoon)

Troop 7 encourages all boys to be active in the program and will not allow a boy to be excluded due to financial circumstances. If there is a problem involving fees required for activities such as summer camp, the cost of uniform items, or camping gear, please contact the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair so that funding can be arranged confidentially. 

This Troop 7 website is a great resource for discovering Troop 7 and Boy Scouts of America.  While here, take your time and look over the many pages for more information.

Get started!  
Send an email to Scoutmaster Tom Lorkowski at
Scoutmaster and get your boy involved in the incredible opportunity of Boy Scouts of America!

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