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Troop 7 History

Founded 1913

More than 100 Years of Scouting in Grapevine!


In 1913, three years after the Boy Scouts of America was incorporated. Grapevine Mayor Benjamin Richard Wall made a trip to New York and brought back with him a legacy for all of the boys of the Grapevine area: The No. 7 Boy Scout Unit Charter, one of the first west of the Mississippi.  

Since then, TrooTroop 7 - past
                            logop 7 Scouts have accomplished many outstanding achievements; for instance John Quinn Jr. was on the staff for a world jamboree, achieved the National Conservation Medal and was awarded the National Medal of Merit for Lifesaving.  One our past Scouts was awarded the Medal of Merit Heroism Award.


In 1923, Troop 7 was chartered in Arlington.  But, moved back to Grapevine In 1931,  being chartered to Grapevine Business Menís League.  In 1932, the troop was chartered  to the Grapevine City Council. Mayor E. Lowe was executive officer and Scoutmaster.    Twenty two Scouts were registered with the troop.  That year, 7 Scouts attended summer camp ($.75 each boy. per day) conducted 6 overnight camps and had 2 day hikes. Their total annual budget was $102.58.  Highlights of the year included marching in formation under the US colors and Troop flag at the formal opening of Northwest Highway.  


December 20, 1939 the Grapevine Lions Club was granted a charter, thus beginning our long relationship with the Lions Club, which still generously supports the troop each year.  St. Lawrence Episcopal Church held the troop charter from January 1976 through 1978.   There was no known charter in 1979, which broke the long years of tenure for Troop 7.  St. Francis Catholic Church became our chartered organization in 1980 and continues as our chartered organization today.

For more interesting facts and individual stories, see the webpage 

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