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These files are for Troop 7 use only.   They are not for personal use.  

Please respect the privacy and security of our Troop Scouts and Scouters.

A Scout is Trustworthy.

Click on links below for access

Valid logon is required for File Vault and Adult Training.  
User and password are available at Troop meetings
(password is webmaster's first name - lowercase.

File Vault
Troop files, phone list, MB Counselors.

TroopMaster Web    Troop 7 records are available via TroopMaster Web (PC & Laptop) and TroopMaster Mobile (Phone and tablet devices)
Scouts track thier own rank and merit badge advancement, locate  merit badge counselors Instructions
 check their own Scout  and Adult records

Scoutmaster/Asst  create activities, enter participants
Merit Badge Coordinator - maintain Adult Counselor data
Adult Training Chair - verify Adult Training
Contact the Troop7 TroopMaster for a id and password for access to your family records.



Have photos or files to send?:  UPLOAD here

Need access to the Troop7 Dropbox online folder for adding, updating and viewing Troop 7 files?  Drop me a line with your reason and request:


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