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Facts and Stories
Norman Rockwell's
With so many years since our  founding in 1913, Troop 7 continues to have a positive affect on the Community. 

Below is a collection of documents and stories giving us glimpses of Troop 7 Scouts, Leaders and  events  from years past., Links are underlined - click them for more information.

Current Year

Bishop's Dinner Catholic Committee on Scouting recognizes leaders

SM Tom Lorkowski  in Lakeview District Newsletter

2017 Troop 7 News

Years Past

August 1913, Grapevine Sun
Benjamin Richard Wall accompanies his mother to New York1918 BSA ID Card

1918 Boy Scout ID Card
ID Card entrusting Boy Scout as US commissioned dispatch bearers, 
with President Woodrow Wilson letter/signature

1928 Summer Camp Roster
Worth Ranch , 21 Scouts

George Crews Eagle 1943
interesting to note Merit Badges offered during World War II

1944-1949, the Netherlands connection
WWII VMailA highlight of the troop history is Wingate Lucas's meeting with a Scout Leader in Holland during WWII which resulted in correspondence between Troop 7 Scoutmaster Hugh Lee Higgins and Alphons Pisters, a Dutch Scoutmaster. Troop 7 sent Christmas packages, food and even a layette to Mrs. Pisters during Nazi occupation.  After World War II, the Dutch ladies sent a crate of tulip bulbs to Troop 7 and Holland's Prince Bernhardt expressed his thanks with a Scout Medal of Merit bearing the inscription:
"Weest Paraat",  Dutch for "Be Prepared."

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1959 B.R. Wall Obituary

1968, Newspaper Article
1968, Col C.E. Cluck,  receives Silver Beaver in Korea

1970, US Congressman Wingate H Lucas letter
Troop 7 camped every Friday night!

1973 Grapevine Sun 
'Scout Troop 7 Needs Your Help!'

1973  RH Stark Letter
Troop  7, Pack 7, Explorer Post 7 history

1973 Grapevine Sun
'Scout Troop 7 IS Still Very Active'  Newspaper drive, Scoutmaster History.  
Benjamin Richard Wall active with the Troop from 1913 to 1954

1973 Charles E. Cluck letter
Very enlightening letter with references to WWII scrap drives, playing Capture the Flag (Troop 7 does this even today!), unauthorized swimming, trapping and eating wildlife on campouts, a pink blanket and four unofficial members - dogs.  Also speaks of Summer Camp at Worth ranch.  Fundraising is covered too, with the Lions Club raising money with penny gum machines.   This letter is not to be missed!

1973 Wingate H Lucas Sr. Letter
Scouts learned close order drills on only paved street in Grapevine

1979 Grapevine Sun 
40-years ago article - In 1939, Troop 7 participated in annual Scout Circus and  exhibited rustic timber bridge (one of best exhibits).  Need $200 to build new Scout Hut in City Park

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1980 -1981  T7 Newsletters
19 pages of Newsletters for a nostalgic look back

1981 Historical Marker placed at Timberline Elementary
Original Scout Hut land purchased from Benjamin Richard Wall family.    Documents Mr. Troop 7 RockhoundsWalls life and accomplishments including securing the Troop 7 Charter.

1983 Troop 7 featured in Boys Life Rock hounds article
Article with photos, see pages 42-45

1989, 50 years with Troop 7 
"During World War II,  Wingate Lucas, Jr. (Later a Congressman) was stationed in Holland.  He was lost, stopped a truck driver for directions.  The "driver" was one Alphons Pisters, (a boy-scouter in Holland).  Mr. Lucas established a correspondence between Mr. Pisters and H.L.Higgins, Grapevine Scoutmaster.  Mr. Pisters wife was pregnant - so the Scouts and the Grapevine "36 Club" assembled two layettes, toys for Dutch children - sent them to Holland.  After war - Mr. Pisters said he secured "Governmental Permission" and shipped a crate of tulip bulbs to Grapevine Scouts.  The bulbs were sold by Scouts all over the area - and Prince Bernhard, of Holland, sent the Scouts a "Scout Medal of Merit" - which bore the inscription " Weest Paraat" (Be Prepared)
The letter also lists Troop 7 Charter members and Scout Cabins in Grapevine since 1913.  Scouts excavated an Indian Mound and sent a skull to the Smithsonian Institution.

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1991 Bronze Pelican Scoutmaster Dave Creeger

1992 H.L. Higgins Scoutmaster Memorabilia
From the Grapevine Historical Society

Scoutmaster 1943 - 195?

1994 Crayfish Dinner

199? Fort Worth Diocese Religious Emblems recognition

1998 Court of Honor Court of Honor agenda

1998 Scoutmaster Retirement
Dave Creeger serves 13 years as Scoutmaster

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2000 'Still the Same' - 90 years of Troop 7

2005 Grapevine City Council

2005 Grapevine Boy Scout Heritage Day
2005, 25 years at St. Francis
2005 Celebrations2007 Legend Newsletter

 2005 Legend Newsletter
2006 Legend Newsletter
2007 Legend Newsletter
See what was happening in Troop 7

 2011, Ernie Doclar  Eagle Scout Message
Ernie Doclar, current Committee Member, Chaplain, 
longtime Scout Leader

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2013 Centennial Year

Nyeri, Kenya ASM Davies visits Lord Baden Powell Africa

Grapevine Boy Scout troop celebrates 100th anniversary
 Fort Worth Star Telegram articleT7 Centennial Patch

US Congressman Kenny Marchant
 Extension of Remarks as read at Centennial Celebration

Governor Rick Perry
Texas Senate SR423
Texas House of Representatives HR923
Texas Legislature recognizes Troop 7 100 years, March 25, 2013

Photos of Austin trip

Boy Scout Troop 7 Day
  City of Grapevine Proclamation

Bronze Patrick Henry Patriotic Award
  The Military Order of the World Wars presentation

Medal of Merit, Heroism  Troop 7 Scout's good turn recognized

Lakeview District recognizes outstanding achievements :
Scoutmaster Don Blan, District Award of Merit
Advancement Chair Martha Llewellyn, Lakeview Award



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Are you a past Troop 7 Scout or  Scouter?  We would love to hear from you. We are interested in stories, photos and other memorabilia.  
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