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"Once an Eagle, always an Eagle."

Since 1911, the rank of Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable for a Scout in the BSA program.   There are over 2 million Eagle Scouts, a title held for life.    Eagle

To earn the title of 'Eagle Scout' or simply 'Eagle', a Scout completes at least  21 merit badges,  demonstrates Scout Spirit, service and leadership  and follows the principles of the  Boy Scout Oath and Law.  Using this knowledge and beliefs, the Scout plans, organizes, leads, manages and completes a worthwhile service project.

Eagle Scouts receive a medal and badge recognizing their attainment of rank. 

At Troop 7, we are very proud of our Eagle Scouts, both present and future!

Eagle Scouts

Eagle Adults

Message for Future Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout Information

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Troop 7 Eagle Scouts

There are 117 known Troop 7 Eagle Scouts:

Alan Fisher2017

Adam Martin
Cole Tschirhart


Jonathan Briscoe
Jonathan Orona
Christopher Ryan
Will NortonKieran Feary
Ned Hiatt
Christian Hambrock
Wesley Feeny 
Kieran Fearey

2015Alan Fisher 

Christian Falcon
Lane Tschirhart
Xavier Polisetty
Adam Conn
Zach Kline
James Llewellyn
Kyle Eberlein
Alan Fisher

2014John Failor, Eagle Scout

Sam Taylor
John Failor



Blan Eagle ScoutsTimothy Blan
Phillip Blan
Justin Wheeler
Cooper Henderson
Josh Copeland
Paxton Riney
Ben Lieberman
Aaron Schmidlkofer

Thomas Llewellyn
Ben Woolums

Zach Lucas
John C. Bristol
Alex Sifuentes

Nathan Ziegler

Daniel A Pruit
Patrick E Blan

Wesley Hinkle
Michael R Fritsche

William J. Fergeson
William Davies
Mark A Fritsche
Tyler McVety
Christopher Roach
Justin M Blan
Matthew A Blan

Mitch Ostang
Wesley Washington
Wil E Wilbur

Daniel Ray

Justin Koehmstedt
David Pruit
Kartik Sampath
Kyle Davidenko

Bob Mitchell

Joshua Hessling
Dustin Owen

Jordan Mauk
Gregory Hutchins
Douglas Farrell
Chris McNosky

Tom Mitchell

Lander Waller
Matthew Boyle
Kevin Sefkow

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Eric Creeger
Mike Davis
Mike Dawson
Casey Berecka
Sean Faulkner
Mike Boyle
Gavin McNosky
David McEachern
Nicholas Yatko
Adam Billmeier
Jon Akins
Ryan Akins
Nicholas Zies
Michael Phillippi
Stuart Hutchins Jr.
Weldon Washington II

Rhen KeetonMike Vannoy
Brian Hansen
George Bayless
Mike Topham
Pete Schexnayder
Rhen Keeton
Tom Lorkowski

Curtis Edwards
Stephen Goode
Andrew Quinn
'The Four' worked very closely together to earn Eagle:
Lloyd Gordon, Robert Hubley, Bill Halstead, Ronnie Eakins

George Hurst
Ben Head Jr.
John E Quinn Jr.
John D. Lancaster
John Jerry
Charles Lancaster

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Johnny Barnett
Mike Daniels
John M.Stevenson
Collier N. Smith
John R. Forshee

Crews Eagle card1940's
George Crews
Charley Cluck
Jack Cluck
Robert G. Stark

William Glenn Walker

Arthur R. Lyman Jr.
Richard Boyle
William Glenn Walker


Unknown years
Hugh Lee Higgins
Bart Starr
Edgar L. Lancaster
Robert J. Stark
Lloyd Smith
Lucas Howell
Wingate Lucas

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Troop 7 Adult Leader Eagle Scouts

Chris Bradburry, MC
Micky Carter, MC
 *Josh Copeland, ASM
Chris Coy, MC
Dave Creeger, MC
* Will Davies, ASM
Jim Lorkowski, MC
*Tom Lorkowski, SM
Erik Monson, ASM
* Mitch Ostang, ASM
Gregg Porter, MC

Lane Tschirhart, ASM
John St. John, MC
Rob Taylor, ASM

* = Troop 7 Eagle Scout

ASM = Assistant Scoutmaster
MC = Committee Member

A message for Future Troop 7 EaglesErnie Doclar Patch

Ernie Doclar Committee Member, Chaplain
BSA Museum Patch
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Eagle Scout Information

Eagle Advancement   All that a Life Scout needs:  Forms, Pre-Cert, BOR

T7 Letterhead document  For Scout use - only for Eagle project

Eagle Recognition   How to obtain Letters of Recognition for Eagle Scout rank from  NASA, US President, Senate, House and others.

Eagle COH  Choose from several suggested ceremonies

Military Order of the World Wars   Fact Sheet and how to schedule MOWW Eagle Scout recognition at Court of Honor.

Do you have additional information about Troop 7 Eagle Scouts?
We are looking for short biographies and Eagle Project photos to link to each Scout.   Maybe your project will inspire Troop 7's next Eagle Scout!

Have photos or files to send?:  UPLOAD here

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