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Communications Merit BadgeHave questions for Troop 7?  Select the appropriate contact below, fill out the form and your email will be sent for consideration and response.

Scoutmaster  ScoutmasterTom Lorkowski is the current Troop 7 Scoutmaster (SM).  The Scoutmaster is an adult leader who works with the Scout Patrol Council to guide the boy-led program. 
Are you considering joining Troop 7? Start here! 

Assistant ScoutmasterAssistant Scoutmasters (ASM) help the Scoutmaster with guiding monthly activities and Scout advancement.

High Adventure  Backpacking, white water rafting, canoeing, Cavalry adventure awaits! Troop 7 strives to offer High Adventure opportunities for Scouts and Leaders. Announcements are made at the meetings and communications are sent via email.  Have a question about High Adventure?  - drop us a line! 

                                                     Troop Committee  

Committee Chair PatchCommittee Chair  The Committee Chair leads the adult Committee Members behind the scenes to ensure the Scout program has trained, capable leaders, funding, equipment and other resources necessary for the boy-led activities.  The Committee includes Committee Members (MC) some of who serve in various committees such as Advancement, Training and Fundraising.                                                      

Treasurer  The Treasurer is a Committee Member (MC) responsible for maintaining the troop finances.  Contact the Treasurer for Summer Camp, High Adventure and other activity fees.  The Fundraising Committee also reports to the Treasurer and is responsible for Troop Fundraisers to support the troop program.

Advancement Chair  The Advancement Chair is a Committee Member (MC) responsible for maintaining the Troop 7 records for Adults and Scouts plus the Scout Advancement records..

ChaplainTroop Chaplain is appointed by the Committee chair to provide spiritual tone, guide the Scout Chaplain Aide, give spiritual counseling and promote the regular religious participation  of each member.

TroopMaster Web  Troop 7 provides online access to the Troop 7 family members records via TroopMaster Web.  The TroopMaster Web link can be found on the File Vault page.  Contact TroopMaster Web for questions concerning user/password access and TroopMaster Web usage questions.

Adult Training Coordinator  The Adult Training Coordinator tracks training requirements by Adult Leader Position and ensure training is current.  It is important that all Adult Leaders are trained to provide the best Scout Program.  The Adult Training Coordinator reports to the Advancement Chair.

Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator  The Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator recruits Merit Badge Counselors and ensures they have completed training requirements.  The MB Coordinator is also available to Scouts to identify Merit Badge Counselors.  The Merit Badge Coordinator reports to the Advancement Chair.

New Member CoordinatorNew Member Coordinators  New Member Coordinators serve as liaisons for Scout Families joining Troop 7.  Coordinators help with enrollment, paperwork and fees for joining and ensures Scout families receive a proper orientation to Boy Scouts and Troop 7.

Activity Reporting  All Troop 7 activities plus Scout and Adult participants are recorded in the TroopMaster database.  This includes Camping, Summer Camp, High Adventure, Eagle Projects and Service Projects.  For example, activity participation is tracked for Camping Merit Badge and Order of the Arrow eligibility. Use this contact to report  an activity and participants so it can be added to the database.

Webmaster  The Webmaster is a Committee Member (MC) responsible for creating and maintaining the Troop 7 web presence including the Troop 7 website.  Your comments, corrections and ideas are always welcome.



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