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About Troop 7

Troop 7, founded in 1913, is chartered to St. Francis Catholic Church, located at 861 Wildwood Lane in Grapevine.  Our Scouts are from diverse religious backgrounds and everyone holding a belief in God is invited.  Meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday evenings in "The Scout Hut," .  Meeting informationTroop 7

Our troop size varies from year to year, but is generally around 40 to 50 scouts.  Troop 7 Scouts employ the BSA Patrol Method to create and provide a boy-led program.

Because the development of young men requires adult role models, there's an old joke that BSA doesn't stand for Baby Sitters of America.  Troop 7 parents are active in the development of all Scouts and in backing the boy-led program.  We generally have a ratio of approximately one registered adult member for every Scout. 

The Troop Committee meets monthly to oversee the administrative and financial aspects of running the troop.  This includes such things as working with the Scouts to ensure that camping equipment is up to date, that camping permits and forms are on file, and that advancement records are current.  

Monthly campouts are held and adults that enjoy the outdoor experience with their sons help transport the troop to the destination and assist with outdoor skills advancement.  

Whatever your skills and level of interest, there's a place for you as a parent as well. For questions about Troop 7, contact Scoutmaster Tom Lorkowski

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