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Merit Badges

There are many facets to the Boy Scouts of America Merit Badges:Camping Merit
General description
Troop 7 Resources
Scout,  how to earn Merit Badges
Adults - Merit Badge Counselors

General description
A Scout, of any rank, can choose from more than 130 merit badges to explore fitness, skills, science, environment, nature, business and possible future careers.

A Scout is free to pursue any of the merit badges that interest him.   However, there are certain merit badges that are Eagle Required to earn Eagle rank.

Eagle PalmEagle Scouts younger than 18 can earn additional merit badges to earn Eagle Palms.  The Eagle Palms are Bronze for 5 merit badges, Gold for 10 and Silver for 15.

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Troop 7 Resources
Troop 7 Scouts have many merit badge resources available to them.  Scouts generally earn merit badges at
    Summer Camp
    Lakeview District Merit Badge College (January)
    Troop 7 Counselors
    Lakeview District Counselors

Merit Badge pamphlets provide detailed information and requirements for each merit badge.  You can read about specific Merit Badge requirements online at Boys Life Merit Badges (scroll down the page).

Troop 7 maintains a library of Merit Badges pamphlets; they are available for check out from the Scout Librarian.   Not all pamphlets are represented in the Troop library.  Consider donating your completed pamphlets to Troop 7 so that other Scouts may benefit. 

Pamphlets may also be purchased at the BSA Scout Shops. 
Interactive digital pamphlets for some merit badges are avaiable online at

Click to see Requirements

Adults and Scouts can contact the Troop 7 Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator with questions.    Merit Badge Coordinator

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Scout,  how to earn Merit Badges
Pick a merit badge: 
Read the requirements and find a merit badge that interests you.  You can read about specific Merit Badge requirements online at Boys Life Merit Badges (scroll down the page).  

Talk to the Scoutmaster about your interest and get a signed merit badge application 'Blue Card'.  Scouts should not begin requirements without a signed Blue Card.
                              Merit Badge

Use the Scout Buddy System: 
You must have another person (another Scout, relative or guardian) with you at each merit badge meeting.

Find and contact the assigned Merit Badge Counselor: 
A counselor will be provided at Summer Camp and Merit Badge College activities.  Troop 7 merit badge counselors can be found on TroopMaster Web  Instructions

Complete the requirements
Following the requirements of the merit badge, read, complete the activities and learn the skills.  The merit badge counselor will be available to guide you and answer questions.

Demonstrate your skills for signoff
Demonstrate understanding and completion of the requirements for the counselor.  The counselor will then signoff each completed requirement.  Once all requirements are met, the merit badge counselor will sign the Blue Card showing completion.

Submit your completed requirements:
Remember to turn in your completed requirements (either partial or full) to the Advancement Chair.  Once the merit badge is completed, the earned merit badge patch will be awarded to the Scout at the next Court of Honor.

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Adults - Merit Badge Counselors
Adults, we need Merit Badge Counselors!  It is easy, it is rewarding, it is worthwhile.  It is an opportunity for you to share your hobbies, profession, skills and interests to help Scouts explore and learn.

Merit Badge Counselors are BSA registered adult leaders.  All Troop 7 Adult leaders complete BSA YPT, Catholic Safe Environment, Scouting/New Leaders Essentials and Boy Scout Leader Fast Start training.  See the Adult Training webpage for details.

Additionally, a Merit Badge Counselor must complete the Merit Badge Counselor training.  This training is critical for your success as a Merit Badge Counselor

For all Adult Training, remember to report completion of each course to email: Training.

Finally, see the Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator and complete and submit a BSA Adult Leader form as a Merit Badge Counselor BSA Application.  You can email the MB Counselor Coordinator at MB Coordinator.

There are many online resources available to counselors.  A good place to start is the merit badge requirements at  Boys Life Merit Badges.

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